Services Available

Our team of world-class experts offer a menu of customizable services to meet your distinct business needs for safe reopening and robust growth.

  • Covid-19 scientific expert availability to CEO/Presidents/Producers for rapid response to questions where CDC, state, or federal guidelines are unclear
  • Connected network of trained Covid-19 Safety Managers (CSM) / Covid-19 Compliance Officers (CCO) / Health and Safety Managers (HSM) who are available to hire for on-site management and continuously supported by expert scientific advisors
  • Ventilation assessment and recommendations for cost-effective enhancements to clean air
  • Design of cost-effective testing protocols, including recommendations for testing technology and vendors fit-for-purpose
  • Pre-production on-site walk through and consultation providing feedback on proposed safety protocols for alignment with current CDC, state, and union guidelines
  • Genomic epidemiology outbreak investigations to confirm or dispute suspected transmission chains within a cluster of infected individuals
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis to ensure the financial investment in risk-reduction measures will provide meaningful returns in health and safety
  • Real world data analysis, disease modeling, and forecasting to reduce uncertainty in decision-making and develop strong health policy

Let’s work together to solve your unique business challenges

Together we can improve health outcomes and accelerate a robust recovery for society.