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We’re building the future of workplace public health.

We empower organizations to maximize productivity by mitigating public health risks.

We operate at the intersection of public health and economics.

Infectious Economics, LLC was founded in 2017 to partner with governments and businesses in the prevention and detection of disease outbreaks.

Applying expertise in economics, health policy, and expertise in multiple infectious diseases worldwide, our team designs cost-effective solutions that maximize productivity while protecting the health of employees, businesses, and the public.

Based in New York City, the Infectious Economics team offers services to rapidly generate evidence for data-driven decisions.

Our Team

Blythe Adamson, PhD, MPH, Founder and Epidemiologist

Dr. Blythe Adamson is an infectious disease epidemiologist and economist.

A former member of the White House COVID Task Force on Healthcare Resilience and lead data scientist in the West Wing, she currently serves on the COVID Sports and Society Working Group, advises public and private institutions on safe reopening plans for large-scale in-person gatherings including all major sports leagues, theme parks, retailers, and universities, and is an advisory board member to both NBA-Yale SalivaDirect and Testing for America.

Dr. Adamson founded Infectious Economics in 2017 to provide thought leadership to policy makers and industry leaders on cost-effective strategies to prevent the transmission of viruses. Dr. Adamson holds degrees in microbiology, epidemiology, and pharmaceutical economics with a focus on infectious disease prevention.  Dr. Adamson has held roles at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Institute for Disease Modeling, the HIV Vaccine Trials Network, and Flatiron Health.

Lisa Kussell, COO and Head of Strategic Partnerships

Lisa Kussell creates partnerships between Infectious Economics and leading global organizations in order to improve population health and accelerate the economic recovery of businesses. 

With more than 20 years of experience, Kussell is known for ideating innovative and impactful strategic alliances between individuals, organizations, brands and the media. Current & past clients include: Condé Nast, DoSomething, and The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Charlene Speyerer, Head of Theatrical Productions

Charlene Speyerer is the Head of Theatrical Productions at Infectious Economics.

A seasoned Broadway Stage Manager with more than 25 years of experience,
Speyerer’s extensive theater insight and mastery of COVID-19 safety and testing protocols make her uniquely qualified to serve the theater community.

A certified Covid Compliance Supervisor, Speyerer identifies and trains each of IE’s Covid Safety Managers to become proficient in their specific role.

Robby Sikka, MD, Head of Major League Sports

Robby Sikka is the Head of Major League Sports at Infectious Economics. As Chair the COVID Sports and Society Working Group, he brings together leaders from the NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, PGA, and NASCAR with officials from The White House and CDC to generate actionable shared learnings from sports about Covid prevention in society. Dr. Sikka has valuable experience as the Vice President of Basketball Performance and Technology for the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves.

Christopher Mason, PhD, Head of Genomics

Dr. Christopher Mason is the Head of Genomics, an Associate Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine, Co-founder of Ongevity Health & Biotia, Vice President of Tempus, and Chairman of Nano-Lit. He has a PhD in Genetics from Yale University. Dr. Mason partners in genomic contact tracing investigations for industry to generate evidence of virus transmission sources.


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