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Data-driven decision making to protect the health of employees, businesses, and the public.

Infectious Economics uses predictive math modeling and science-based insights to mitigate workplace threats from communicable disease.

We translate science into rapid-response solutions that enable long-term predictability.

Prevent Outbreaks
Prevents outbreaks of common & emerging communicable diseases like COVID, Monkeypox, HIV, and seasonal influenza with risk forecasting.

Maximize Productivity
Safeguard employee health and prevent operational interruptions with preventative health mandates, employee testing, and real-time monitoring.

Maintain Workplace Safety
Keep in-person employees at work with contact tracing, rapid response to emerging risks, and real-time support.

Cost/Benefit Analysis of Risk-Reduction Policies
Determine employee incentives to promote adherence to policies.


Meet CRISP, our data-powered health management platform

CRISP calibrates dynamic data sets into real-time, actionable responses that marry productivity with public and enterprise health.


Robust Capabilities

Responsive, fast, and AI-powered, CRISP unifies disparate sets of information across diverse government, public health, and academic data sets.


Decisive Insights

Efficient implementation with strategic guidance and public health insights from leading scientists, epidemiologists, and economists.


Predictive Forecasting

Eliminate ambiguity with real-time testing and contact tracing capabilities based on local, regional, and institutional threat levels.


Automated, Rapid Response

Streamline operational effectiveness and communication with auto-alert notifications and anonymous self-reporting that safeguards employee trust.

Improving public health for private companies.

Eliminate uncertainty, maximize productivity & gain science-based protection against infectious diseases.

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Dynamic modeling to forecast and prevent outbreaks.

Large Gatherings & Events

Done-for-you prevention kits to safeguard health & enable attendee confidence.

Operational Health

Trend forecasting to minimize supply chain disruptions & prevent delays.

Employee Incentivization

Determine employee benefit for adherence to vaccination/booster policy.

Seasonal Outbreaks

Fit-for-purpose solutions to identify & respond to local outbreaks.

Serving private sector & non-profit organizations since 2017