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Covid-19 Vaccine Efficacy & FDA Approval Measures.

Why Covid-19 Testing is Key to Reopen Schools & Businesses.


COVID-19 & Returning to College Campuses.

Emerging Data Raise Questions About Antigen Tests and Nasal Swabs

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Are Vaccine Mandates Coming to Fashion?

How Broadway is working to ensure Covid doesn’t bring down the curtain again.

Why is COVID testing in this country still a mess?

Will Broadway’s biggest week be a bust?

Balance of Power. Balance of Power: Can Rapid Tests Detect Omicron?

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People vs. Cancer

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Real World Data and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bias with disease imaging in comparative-effectiveness studies

Dr. Blythe Adamson, PhD, MPH, Official Bio

Dr. Adamson is an infectious disease epidemiologist and economist accelerating the development of valuable drugs, vaccines, and public health policy.

A former member of the White House COVID Task Force on Healthcare Resilience, she currently serves on the COVID Sports and Society Working Group, advises public and private institutions on safe reopening plans for large-scale in-person events including all major sports leagues, theme parks, retailers, and universities, and is an advisory board member to both NBA-Yale SalivaDirect and Testing for America.

Dr. Adamson founded Infectious Economics in 2017 to provide thought leadership to policymakers and industry leaders on cost-effective strategies to prevent the transmission of viruses.

Dr. Adamson holds degrees in microbiology, epidemiology, and pharmaceutical economics with a focus on infectious disease prevention. Dr. Adamson has held roles at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Institute for Disease Modeling, the NIAID HIV Vaccine Trials Network, and Flatiron Health.

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